Olga Baryshnikova

Olga Baryshnikova

Location: Ukraine

Welcome to my page. Let the viewing of paintings bring you the sense of completion and evenness. Let’s get acquainted.

I was born and raised in Mariupol, Ukraine. A beautiful city by the sea. But the place where I spent the first years of my life does not exist anymore. The city where I spent my childhood was shelled and destroyed.

There have been some difficult periods in my life. After the divorce, I became a sociopath. And then, oil paints fell into my hands. This saved me. It was the new world. Colors gave me a new sense of life, sexuality, and sensations. Colors are an aesthetic and visual stimulus for me.

Forced emigration opened up for me a world of new people and incredible nature, and I am surrounded by incredible children, talented and smart, every day I draw inspiration from them.

In a perfect world, as I imagine it, there is no tension and grief. Music, dancing, and the sea. Everyone has a story, everyone has a dream


Magic Fantasty Room

Welcome to my page. Let the buying of paintings bring you the sense of completion and evenness. International contemporary fine artist

Voice in Alpes “Voice in Alpes”

If you feel that everything around you is moving incredibly fast and you need to slow down, you just contemplate and new roads will open for you.

Birth of planets “Birth of planets”

We are on the verge of a new era. the birth of planets and the birth of new life. bright colors will help you feel the beauty of the world around

Green ear “Green ear”

We are in Earth to take of life. We are in Earth to take care of each other. Listen your self

Aquarium “Aquarium”

Oil on Canvas. Bright colors help to linger in the present moment and see abundance in your life. Fish and the aquarium is a symbol of abundance and wealth

Meditation “Meditation”

when we circle into deep meditation we get to know ourselves, our deepest feelings. the colors and lines of the picture will immerse you in your world in a state of meditation

Forms “Forms”

oil on canvas.The selected paints in the picture are not just because they have a direct therapeutic value. joy and love when looking at a picture is guaranteed to you