Olga Baryshnikova

Olga Baryshnikova

Location: Ukraine

Welcome to my page. Let the viewing of paintings bring you the sense of completion and evenness. Let’s get acquainted. I am Olga Baryshnikova and my path to art and to myself was not simple and constantly interesting. Since my childhood I have dreamed of a secluded workshop and incredible travelings where I could face with mysterious energy item and reveal its essence in my drawings. Also as a child I did not know that I would study higher mathematics and become a financial analyst, life would bring me to large companies and painting would remain an unreachable luxury in my busy schedule. But once in Italy I have met a very old artist his hands were canvas and the wrinkles on them seemed to draw patterns on their own, his fingers absorbed the paint thoroughly and were forever related to it. Like I was related to the old man and after talking to him I realized that this is who is really rich. One who lives a dream and gives the sense of completion of soul to others. I studied again my friends made free exhibitions for me and now I want to share my work with you. Everyone has a story, everyone has a dream


Magic Fantasty Room

Welcome to my page. Let the buying of paintings bring you the sense of completion and evenness. International contemporary fine artist

Dune of souls “Dune of souls”

When we think of Japan, we immediately imagine sakura, kimonos, high-speed bullet trains or the famous Shibuya intersection. But there is an amazing place in the country that looks more like a scene from Arabian Nights than the homeland of Hello Kitty. This golden field stretching along the coast near the town of Tottori is the only sand dunes in Japan.getting into the desert, you can meet with a mirage. The bends of the dunes are the souls and bodies of women

Birth of planets “Birth of planets”

We are on the verge of a new era. the birth of planets and the birth of new life. bright colors will help you feel the beauty of the world around

Ethiopian and parrots “Ethiopian and parrots”

mixed technique with oil paints and gold leaf was used.According to the Ba Tzu system, the parrot personifies the elements of Air and Fire. In Feng Shui, it is a symbol of prosperity and well-being. According to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, a painting depicting an unusual bird serves as a symbol of success, prosperity and glory. Positive energy flows of Chi are associated with the brightness of the image. The image of parrots carries with it success in important endeavors and deeds, it can bring glory to the owners

Aquarium “Aquarium”

Oil on Canvas. Bright colors help to linger in the present moment and see abundance in your life. Fish and the aquarium is a symbol of abundance and wealth

Meditation “Meditation”

when we circle into deep meditation we get to know ourselves, our deepest feelings. the colors and lines of the picture will immerse you in your world in a state of meditation

Forms “Forms”

oil on canvas.The selected paints in the picture are not just because they have a direct therapeutic value. joy and love when looking at a picture is guaranteed to you