Maithili Rajput

maithili rajput

Location: Greece

I am Maithili Rajput, I am from India and currently living in Greece. I recently completed my graduation in BFA painting and sculpture from Ohio Wesleyan University, United States.
I’ve lived in three continents with discrete cultures, and I realized that no matter where a woman lives and how different her experiences are, her challenges remain the same.
I observed the insecure social lives of girls throughout my childhood. It’s never easy for girls to live their life freely when they grow up. Girls aim to chase their dreams but social insecurity brings frustration. A woman’s journey has to pass through various phases like struggle to strengthen her budding wings, determination to shape her life, and pursue her dream. I believe wings are the expression of freedom and resemble a distinct character of women.
I’ve been painting landscapes for some time but I was captivated by casting figures that can authenticate human emotions while pursuing my studies. My landscape paintings are focused on the beautiful places from my memories and my everyday walk.
My goal is to keep up my creativity, capturing different places and presenting to the world how women handle challenges and communicate how beautiful it is to be a woman. I believe as an artist I have power to create a world I dream about.


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