Francis Muscat


Location: Canada

In 1980 I enrolled in the Kiln Fired Glass course at O.C.A. It was then that I knew this material is what I want to be working with and conquer. There I learned the technical aspects of warm glass. After that I spent many years of exploring and researching techniques , adhesives and other approaches to glass on my own. This led me to build with glass.
Glass for me was the primary material to use. I started to combine it with metals, wood, stone and other material and discovered that glass begs to be partnered with other material.
Stone and glass speak to each other in harmony. There is a relationship there that is metaphysical; one comes to and goes from the other.

Glass by itself is inherently seductive. My challenge is to use it as any other artist’s material; hence I subdue its polished quality and take advantage of its translucent qualities.

The largest body of works in a series is my “Small House” and “Falling Angel” series, they display my love oaf architecture and the human figure.

As well as opening up my studio every fall on a studio tour, I try to have a gallery show annually, I take on commissions both in sculptural and architectural applications.

In the last few years I have been allowing myself to work with non-glass material as well.


Small House Series

Number 45 out of 110 this piece was purchased by A.I.M.C.O. for their real estate office in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada
Standing 66” tall it has an engraved aluminium base and a cast / laminated glass top.

ComFalls “ComFalls”

A commissioned “water feature for a private residence in Ontario, Canada. Measuring 98” tall, 36” wide and 9” deep this piece cuts through a limestone wall. Water trickles down the glass into a fish pond.