Kristin Snopek-obrien

New Jersey-based mixed media artist, Kristin Snopek, has been creating multiple forms of art since 1998. Originally specializing in costuming, Kristin has expanded her talents into becoming a multifaceted artisan in Painting abstract & mixed media art, sculpting, woodworking, jewelry, costuming, and more.
Kristin’s evolution as an artist has allowed her to combine several of her artistic talents to create a wide variety of amazing & unique artistic items


The Bues

A collection of Abstract paintings

Topaz Pool “Topaz Pool ”

Rippling Blues & Purples bring about a calming sense of serenity

14x14 Abstract wall Art

Celestial Oceans “Celestial Oceans”

Deep pooling blues embraced by the darkness

14x14 Abstract wall Art