Alice Absolutely

Alice Absolutely is a self-taught artist positioning her work at the cusp of Abstract Emotionalism. She was born in Winter Haven, Florida in 1979 and continues to live and work in Central Florida. She was a student of art history throughout her secondary and post-secondary education while she majored in English and studied Educational Leadership.

Her education career deepened her love for learning and afforded her the opportunity to learn from students with varied career interests of their own—her favorite being students with artistic talents. Alice’s passion for art took her to gallery talks, exhibition openings, and down rabbit holes of artists’ YouTube channels. She is inspired by artists like Randy Alcasid, Madelyn Cordeiro, Richard Grieco, Hiroshi, Emma Lindström, Shawn McNulty, Jackson Pollock, Annemarie Ridderhof, and Callen Schaub.

Alice is a synesthete whose memories appear in color, light, and texture. She believes people in our Post-Truth era define their facts much like her memories. Her works are purely emotive and comment on the highly emotive American political and popular cultures. In an era obsessed with the ability to define your own reality, Alice Absolutely depicts a reality with hope as the underlying foundation for all emotional experiences.


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