Roger Williamson

"If you don't create your own reality you are condemned to live in someone else's".
Art is an externalization of struggle to rationalize and give form to something not understood.
The artist, like an oyster, is driven to externalize this conflict into the image of a pearl.

I believe art should be appreciated through a viewer's individual intercourse with the work, allowing the image to speak for itself and not be prejudged by society's academic paradigms.
This concept has close parallels to techniques first acquired in childhood, such as the ability to stare at clouds and see recognizable images arise and fall in the mind’s eye out of what initially was perceived as chaos.
Through this technique of letting a work speak to a deeper self than the superficial mind involves the viewer in the creative process, their imagination evolves the artwork to another level. The work is no longer stationary but part of a wave as is nature herself.


Mythological Paintings

Witch" Circe  Weaves Her Spell of Summoning, oil on wood, 48 inches by 24 inches, 2020

This dream vision painting depicts the enchantress Circe' in her act of magically summoning Odysseus to her presence through adapt manipulation of her otherworldly skills.

Her familiar, the cephalopod, excretes what will be the fabric of this spell stimulated by the action of Circe's adroit carcasses agitating its tentacles. This agitation causes the creature to exude a pheromonic web that in combination with Circe's own essence materializes her desire objective to draw Odysseus to her presence.

The background of the painting depicts frescos inspired by those unearthed by Arthur Evans at the Minoan Palace of Knossos in Crete.

I have utilized these frescoes because as they correspond to the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations that existed in the same time period of have close parallels with each other