Silvia Setrakian

Silvia is an artist and floral designer based in New York City. Focusing on flowers as her subject, she is able to capture personality through colors and depth, essentially bringing her pieces to life. She describes the process as therapeutic, comparing life’s journeys to all the layers and twists of the petals, which represent trauma, loss, celebrations, and moments of peace and joy. She has an eye for all things floral and enjoys manipulating the various colors within flowers to highlight and enhance the lesser known aspects.

“ When I draw a flower, I try to find its soul. Every living thing has a personality and soul in my opinion. I seek to develop a relationship with my subjects and speak to their soul. I feel the heartaches and triumphs at every fold, every twist - each layer means something.”

Ever since she was a child, Silvia had a passion for drawing - she could sit for hours with a pencil, which is her preferred medium, and disappear into her own world. She likes using pencil as it gives her a sense of control - not only in how she maneuvers her artwork, but also on the journey of life.

Silvia was born and raised in Hollywood, California in 1964 to immigrant parents of Armenian descent. She grew up within the Armenian community of Los Angeles and feels very connected to her Armenian culture and heritage. She graduated from FIDM where she majored in Fashion Design.

She is also the mother of 3 daughters, which she and her husband raised in NYC, where she has called home for the past 30 years.


Dance with Me

Color Pencil 26" X 20"

Dance with Me “Dance with Me ”

Color Pencil 26" X 20"

Attitude “Attitude”

Color Pencil 30" X 22"

Dream “Dream”

Color Pencil 30" X 22"

Wavy Baby “Wavy Baby ”

Color Pencil 18" X 12"

Transparency “Transparency”

Color Pencil 11" X 15"

Obsession “Obsession”

Color Pencil 11" X 15"