Location: Brazil

Matheus Almeida (B. 1985) is a Visual Artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A multitask Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Artist. Almeida practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and is self-taught in traditional Chinese painting style XieYi merging with contemporary trace. According to the traditional Chinese painting, this technic is characterized for vivid expression; furthermore, it is considered half-abstract art once it suggests the picture avoiding the presence of details. “The true painting does not reveal the art, even less something aesthetic, it is a way to be” Shí Tāo 石涛 (poet and painter of landscapes, 1642-1707). The way of art happened during one of his Chinese medicine training in Paris, France, which he understood the relevance of applying art in his assessments in health care. Matheus Almeida’s art depicts the desire of the artist to minimize the suffering and at the same time stimulate the audience to an auto-analysis, fostering awareness. His work was already exhibited in solo and collective art fairs and galleries, in Brazil and abroad including Paris, Osaka, New York, Helsinki, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. His first appearing in other countries was an invitation from a virtual gallery The Commissioned based in Singapore, allowing the artist to reach collectors from all over the world. Furthermore, his artwork is well commented on by Asian art experts. Nowadays the artist is searching for expressing the essential, the basic needs of daily life. This analysis is always translated metaphorically using the image of birds and flowers, and sometimes butterflies



What do you really need? What is essencial to your life?

Full Empty “Full Empty”

This Diptych expresses our needs. One is full, our common state of mind, full of everything and struggling to se what is essencial to life. The other, is empty, or maybe an illusional emptiness. This is because it is full of the self, this hummingbird has the ability of ruling himself in a perfect state of mind baring only what is needed, nothing more nothing less.

Mirror “Mirror”

We see the world as we are

Trail “Trail”

Every place we’ve been, every person we’ve had contact is marked with our manifestations, words, stories… trail