Livia Doina Stanciu

Livia Doina Stanciu

Location: Romania

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Romanian-based painter Livia-Doina Stanciu was born in 1960 in Craiova, Romania, and lives in Bucharest.

Livia-Doina has devoted herself to painting since 2013, after a career in education and management. After learning the basics on her own, she studied art at The National University of Arts in Bucharest (graduated in 2019) and at The School of Art in Bucharest (graduated in 2017).

For her, painting is primarily a means for exploring and communicating the deeper facets of nature and humanity. Thematically, she has mostly been exploring landscapes, flowers and the natural world. One of her main sources of inspiration are her travels.
Livia-Doina paints in a realistic or quasi-impressionistic style, and feel mostly attracted by oil techniques.

She had one solo exhibition in Romania (2019, “Roaming the World”, at The National Library of Romania in Bucharest) and group participations in Romania. Her works belong to private collections in many countries (USA, Canada, Italy, France, Romania). She is an awarded and published artist.


Paintings Selection

Orchids Dance “Orchids Dance”

Oil on canvas, 30x40 cm. Price $400

Gazing through Time “Gazing through Time”

Oil on canvas, 50x60 cm. Price $600

Contemplating the Moon “Contemplating the Moon”

Oil on canvas, 50x70 cm. Price $700

The Sea and the Mountain “The Sea and the Mountain”

Oil on canvas, 40x50 cm. Price $450

Lunch Date “Lunch Date”

Oil on canvas, 40x40 cm. Sold.