Michael Morgan

My work in general creates organic representations of the built environment, and as is evidenced in the visual material, contemporary, but with firm roots in the past. Because of the associations we all bring to the iconic Brick, it can be a good vehicle for metaphor in a way that other media are not, especially in an urban setting. If an interactive, organic brick sculpture is created it can imbue the urban environment with a human element, in a very real sense.
Functional and semi-functional elements are an integral part of my sculpture, I don’t view them as an impediment to the artistic form, rather they drive it to become more when human involvement takes place.
Although now based in the Philadelphia area, I have completed commissions both nationally and internationally. All were completed on schedule and within budget and all have withstood the various types of harsh weather conditions.


1993 MFA University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE Ceramics
1988 BA (Hons) The Polytechnic Wolverhampton, UK 3D Design Ceramics
Collections & Commissions (selected)

2012 “27th St Hearth” 27th St Plaza, Lincoln NE
“Resurgent Wall 2” Sara Hill, London UK
2011 “Bench” Orianna Hill Park, Philadelphia PA
“Sphere Seats” Philadelphia Magic Gardens, Philadelphia PA
“Resurgent Wall” John Carlano, Philadelphia PA
2010 “Pompey Chair” Monica Halley, Portsmouth UK
2009 “Memory Wall” (house façade, fountain & fireplace) William & Lisa Roskens, Nashville NE
”Outdoor Classroom Art Area” Dimensions research Foundation, Lincoln NE
2008 “Human Landscape #2” Northrup Design, Lincoln NE
2007 “Ethereal Wall #3” Phyllis Moore, Lincoln NE
2006 “Messy Area” Dimensions Learning Foundation, Lincoln NE
“Ethereal Wall #2” Judy Gibson, Lincoln NE
“Ethereal Wall #1” Hilda Raz, Lincoln NE
“Here #1” Dr. Sanford Grossbart, Lincoln NE
“Site Anchor” Ken & Kathryn Govaerts, Lincoln NE
2005 “Haverstraw Trophy” Rockland County AIPP, Haverstraw NY
“Silo” William & Lisa Roskens, Nashville NE
2004 “Brick Transition” Dakota State University, Madison SD
2001 “Spring Valley Terms” Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Richardson TX
“Yoke” Dr. Sanford Grossbart, Lincoln NE
1999 “Tide Clock” Community Redevelopment Agency, New Smyrna Beach FL
“Seven Herms” Near South Neibourhood Ass’n, Lincoln NE
“Librating Bench” Dr. Robert Synhorst, Lincoln NE
1998 “Keraunos Wall Extension” David & Kara Lynn Klarner, Lincoln NE
1997 “Cer” Near South Neibourhood Ass’n, Lincoln NE
1995 “Children’s Area” George Robertson & Son, Centerpiece for Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia PA
1994 “Keraunos Wall” David & Kara Lynn Klarner, Lincoln NE
“Vine Wall” David & Kara Lynn Klarner, Lincoln NE

Competitions (selected)

2011 Finalist Cheltenham/Ogontz Bus Loop, Philadelphia PA
Finalist 27th St Plaza, Lincoln NE
2010 Finalist Eastern Plaza, Lancaster PA
2007 Finalist J. L Tower, Anchorage AK
Finalist University of Connecticut, Waterbury CT
Finalist H.H Ellis Technical High School, Danielson CT
2005 Finalist Studio One, Oakland CA
2004 Commission Awarded Rockland County AIPP, Haverstraw NY
Commission Awarded Dakota State University, Madison SD
2002 Finalist Plano Station, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Plano TX
2001 Finalist Lacledes Landing, St. Louis MO
Finalist Richards Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
Finalist West Center, University of Nebraska-Kearney, Kearney NE
2000 Commission Awarded Spring Valley Station DART, Richardson TX
1999 Finalist Psychology Dept, University of West Florida
Finalist Border Crossing, Brownsville TX
Finalist Park Lane Station DART, Dallas TX
Finalist Dept of Health, Tallahassee FL
Finalist Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal One Arrivals Lounge, Philadelphia PA
1998 Commission Awarded Community Redevelopment Agency, New Smyrna Beach FL


2010 Nebraska Arts Council Grant
1993 Vreeland Award for Graduate Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
1989 First Prize, “American Clay Artists” Port of History Museum, Philadelphia PA

Bibliography (selected)

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Brick Sculpture

Memory Wall “Memory Wall”

Altered and regular brick, 25'x40'x2', expresses building as growing entity. Nashville NE, 2009

Wall Fountain “Wall Fountain”

Interior extension of exterior "Memory Wall", contains salt glazed brick.

Human Landscape Firplace “Human Landscape Firplace”

Salt glazed brick, 18'x11'x4'. Relates to natural landscape with Midwestern grid, Brick as human mark on the earth.

Haverstraw Trophy “Haverstraw Trophy”

Seven carved brick columns in circle, seating for 3, path of brick salvaged from Hudson River. 8'x23' diameter. Relates to Haverstraw brickyards, altered in the river, made into something new to celebrate everyday manual work. West Haverstraw NY, Rockland County AIPP 2005

Silo “Silo”

Tower, 36'x14' diameter. Building growing out of the ground in country estate. Entrance to barn at 12', observation deck at top. Nashville NE 2005.

Thames Wall “Thames Wall”

Brick salvaged from River Thames in wall, 4'x18'x1'. Walthamstow, London, 2012

Tide Clock “Tide Clock”

Carved brick column with 2 tide cock faces for New Smyrna Beach, FL. Expresses constancy and change in tide and time. 8'x18"x18", 1999.

Spring Valley Terms “Spring Valley Terms”

Two engaged columns at Spring Valley Station, for Dallas Area Rapid Transit, 10'x3'x3' each. Relates to Roman god of boundaries, Terminus, has animal, vegetable and mineral parts. Richardson TX, 2001

Cer “Cer”

Seating for 10, 5 columns with planters, 7'x50'x2', for a park in Lincoln NE, 1997.

Keraunos “Keraunos”

Treats whole yard as a sculpture, 7'x50'x50'. Wall with bench, 5 columns, patio, railings, gate.

27th Street Hearth “27th Street Hearth”

Detail with keystone.

27th Street Hearth “27th Street Hearth”

Arch 14'x11'x3', altered and salt glazed brick, will be surrounded by a plaza later this year. Lincoln NE 2012.