Gabrielle Fischer

Gabrielle Fischer

Location: Canada

Potter, raku sculptor, bronze sculpture, body casting artist. My background is varied and has evolved through the years. Lived throughout the US and Canada. I've exhibited at various galleries and exhibitions.
Love working in foundry and pouring bronze. My method is unusual since I ladle the bronze layer by layer or splatter it into an open sand mood of the figure I've created.
Life size figures of clients done through life casting are prominent in my work. Models, dancers, fitness ladies and body builders or anyone who has the vision to "become the art" and create a legacy, will request my service.
View yourself in bronze and recognize your outstanding qualities by becoming a work of art.


Life Size Bronze

Foundry work is hot, heavy, laborious and an incredible rush for me. Pouring bronze at 2300 F ladle by ladle takes time and concentration. Each dip and then pour takes energy and concentration. I love the work and even more love the results of free pour bronze. Fragmented - lacy - topographical images are created with this method. It allows for creating a lot of negative space that can then include glass from behind. These sculptures represent the work made by trial and error with myself and B. Jurgenson of Vineland On. working with various methods in sand casting.