Cecil Williams


A random selection of my works

All of the images below are oil on canvas.

Float Down “Float Down”

36 by 48 inches. A groups of people are enjoying an unsanctioned annual event in which they ride anything that floats down the Saint Clair here in Port Huron, MI. Often times some or many will float into the Canadian side of the river and are graciously repatriated by the Canadian Coast Guard.

"Waiting' for Dad" “"Waiting' for Dad"”

18 by 24 inches. I used to spend the summers with my Dad's family in Kentucky. No freeways then,16 hours on two lane black top. There was a gas station on the bank of the Ohio River, before you would cross into Kentucky. To us kids it meant we were almost to Kentucky and it seemed it carried every type of soda pop in the world. AVAILABLE

Sunken Garden “Sunken Garden”

A water color from a photograph I took in London, UK.

Hubris “Hubris”

inspire by those who lost their lives by trying to sight see the Titanic. Hubris in that while dubbed unsinkable, it sank. 26 by 30 inches oil on canvas. $350.00

Alaska “Alaska”

An island in the middle of a body of water. A solitary light house sits up on the island. Inspired by my trip to Alaska. 26 by 30 inches. oil on canvas $350.00