Rosa Alfaro Carozzi

Isaiah Lawrence

Rosa Alfaro Carozzi’s Career Changes Led Her To Painting

Rosa Alfaro Carozzi was born in Lima, Peru and has been residing in New York City for 40 years. At a late start painting, the age of 30 is when she learned to hone her skills. Rosa admits that she admires the short-lived Fauvism style (where there was not a focus on representational or realistic values, but vivid colors). Looking at some Fauvism pieces, you can see where she gets her inspiration from, where her pieces showcase vibrant and decorative effects. She developed a new style and interesting enough, her first ever painting has it.

The Peruvian / NYC painter, Rosa, is also a figurative painter, who attempts to create a narrative in her paintings that include people of different ethnic backgrounds bonding. Art runs in her blood where her grandfather was an art collector in Lima and her mom was a poet. At the rare age of 5, she learned to recite poetry. She loves all forms of art from dance, music, film, photography, and especially Broadway shows in New York City. Another thing worth knowing is she refuses to sign her paintings with her maiden name, signing them as “Alfaro Carozzi.”


Artist : Alfaro Carozzi

" Visceral scenarios are communicated by Alfaro Carozzi thru the employment of line and symbolic figuration as lyrical color and line maintain equal roles. Fluidly interweaving colored, curvilinear female silhouettes into expressive canvases."

Art Acquisitor Magazine

"Her oil on canvas painting " The Upper Westside Manhattan, appears to look like royalty with gold colors and dazzling effects.

Isaiah Lawrence

Hidden emotions are reflected thru the natural beauty of the female figure, sensual figures of the female form emerge. "

Art Acquisitor Magazine
Whitney Gallery , NYC

"Provocative forms and transluminescent color unite the articulate universally felt sentiments, creating an artistic equilibrium as this global artist rouses intimate memories which whisper of past experiences and hopefully suggest potential joy to come.

Art Acquisitor Magazine

Carousel in Central Park, NYC “Carousel in Central Park, NYC”

Oil Painting
30" X 40"

I play with my imagination . I created a scene of a moving Carousel in Central Park. It is early in the morning so it is light and the children and adults are not there yet. It is a happy image because I can hear the kids excitement as they approach, My scenes are usually lively and happy. I focus on the nice things in life which sometimes we miss due to the day to day work activities.

The Dreamer “The Dreamer ”

Oil Painting
20" X 24"

I am a dreamer. I enjoy imagining things that take place only in my imagination. Here the sailboat is sitting under the moon and close to my home which only exists in my imagination. Why not dream? I focus on beautiful moments and happy instances. It is the only way I can portray a beautiful scene. I need to believe it before I can paint it.

The Artist “The Artist”

Oil Painting
16" X 20"

I think this is me as an artist inside. This is how I feel. The flowers on the side are just ideas that keep popping and my mind evaluates them. It is not a finished product. This is the process. The process in painting. It is free. In art it is all about the process. I have been told oh you paint, how relaxing. There is nothing relaxing about painting. I would compare it to when I had to write a paper for my masters program. Painting requires many skills and I think an analytical mind and being a little brave to show who you are. Yes, my paintings are a reflection of myself.

The Air Show “The Air Show ”

Oil Painting
24" X 36"

Every year there is an Air Show in Fort Lauderdale. I watch it from my balcony. It is exciting and fun.