Edgar Francisko

Edgar Francisko

Location: Colombia

Edgar Francisko, Colombian-Canadian Artist born in Pijino, Colombia. Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the National University, Bogota, Colombia. Color etching workshop at Atelier 17, Paris, France. Lithography workshop at Arts and Crafts School in Barcelona Spain. Chinese painting and Calligraphy at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts. He works simultaneously on two different styles: "Calligraphic dance" a style derived from Chinese calligraphy and "Form fragmentation" a style where he uses fragments of color to produce his various subjects either figurative or abstract. He has held many solo and group exhibitions throughout the world.


Caligraphic dance

In this portfolio I show some paintings in my "Caligraphic dance" style.

Gipsy red fire. “Gipsy red fire.”

A flamenco dancer.

Danza de la cinta “Danza de la cinta”

Chinese ribbon dance

Form fragmentation

Irregular color fragments to convey the images

Carnival cumbia “Carnival cumbia”

Depicts Colombian folk daance Cumbia

Palenquera “Palenquera”

Depicts a Colombian fruit vendor from the town of Palenque

Hummingbirds Lady “Hummingbirds Lady”

Depicts a Lady surrounded by hummingbirds