Ulla Strandberg

Ulla Strandberg

Location: Sweden

Ulla Strandberg, born - 45, in art UllaSformat, is an artist based in Sweden. She has a Master degree in Highschool for Design and Craft (HDK in Gothenburg)
She is a passionated Photographer, always with her Iphone ready in the pocket.
The nature inspires, also colorful moments,fun situations, unexpected surprices…
As she is interested in what she can bring out of the technique,she use the Iphone and her photos for wide creativity. All archived photos are as a bank to botanize in.
Giclee prints in Limited editions , Alluminium prints and Magnet prints ( MiniArt ) and NFT are for Sale.



DigitalArt / PhotoCollage

Tecnique: DigitalArt / PhotoCollage
Gicleeprint ( without frame)
Size: 22x30 cm
Edition: 10 signed ex

Curaçao in my mind “Curaçao in my mind”

Size 22x30 cm
Giclee print
Limited edition


20x30 cm
Limited edition

Queen of f*cking everything “Queen of f*cking everything”

Size 22x30 cm
Limited edition

The kiss “The kiss”

Gicleeprint limited edition with certificate 22X30 cm


MiniArt 6x7 cm as a magnet Signed UllaSformat

PostCard as StreetArt “PostCard as StreetArt ”

MiniArt magnets as a StreetArt project i Malmö /Sweden with start 15.4 2022