Location: Nigeria

My art is born out of a deep conviction that the world exists in "segments of colours " i.e. man, trees, animals, air, water, fire etc .  In my desire to communicate this to you, I have chosen the "acrylic - stained glass approach" as a way of expression.

My subjects are mostly the female gender, for I believe in its wholeness and beauty.


Acrylic works

Acrylic on canvas works done using the stained glass approach.

Sisi eko “Sisi eko”

A lady with braided hair, one hand on her waist and the other holding her purse

... by moonlight “... by moonlight ”

43" x 32" .. a lady laying on the seashore

Take a bow “Take a bow”

A lady in a red dress taken a bow

Horsemate “Horsemate ”

2 horses necking