Milena Quercioli

Milena quercioli

Location: Italy

Milena Quercioli she is the Italian artist born in Milan, his work inspired by streetart and graffiti, all very colorful and cheerful, conveys positive emotions.
He participated in several exhibitions and national and international exhibitions in New York ,Miami ,Berlin ,London,Paris ,Oslo ,Vienna ,Zurich ,Roma ,Milano ,Venezia ,Dubai ,Barcelona and received appreciation and recognition from various critics.

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Through her works, the artist gets to the heart to convey the message that she herself says she wants to give what in life we ​​should always try to see positive things, just as her mother taught her, "she was my strength she never lost her smile despite being fighting sla, she never lost the will to live beating ... she taught me to always live with a smile in my heart and the colors of my soul an extraordinary unique woman "and here In the work of each artist, we see a butterfly appearing on her angel


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