Suzan Atai

In life and business, she wears two 'hats' and in everyday life, is known as Susanne Wiechert - Health, Empowerment and Resilience Coach - helping people get out of the hamster-wheel of stress, anxiety and toxic relationships.

She never imagined that one day she would be painting as a process of healing - healing her own trauma through creative expression - her soul somehow guided to do something the body had never done before and with it, producing something quite amazing.

Initially triggered by emotion during a de-cluttering process, it all started with finding an old picture of praying hands with the words “Let go, let God” which followed with a vision of an artistic interpretation of it. And so began the new journey and exploration into vibrant colours - mostly in acrylics on canvas or board, occasionally venturing into watercolour or pastels on paper.

Occasionally Suzan feels totally compelled to paint only with her fingers and these paintings are then quite abstract. Her favourite colours being shades of blue and green, she nevertheless occasionally has bursts of incredibly bright expressions in golds, reds, pinks even.

Although many years ago, she did art at school and thereafter did small paintings of flowers in watercolour, her currect method of free-flow plainting is self-taught and intuitive...connecting on a deep level and often evoking a strong emotional connection with the viewer.

This has been proven through exhibits of SuzanA carefully chosen pieces that have been strategically placed in training rooms to emit energy that can help participants get 'unstuck' with their thoughts; find inspiration from within, remain calm, yet energized and motivated throughout to propel them into action and get the desired results.

It has been five years since Suzan began this particular journey into art and she now has a collection of around 100 paintings, each quite different from each other - some abstract, reflective, expressive - some quite realistic...but all with an integrated energy for healing that has somehow woven itself into the palette of colours and transferred to each canvas and beyond. Some have even brought forth poetry that tells the story of the picture or gives a special message to the viewer and recipient.

Why the SuzanA signature? Her maiden name Suzan Atai. So it just seemed natural to her to continue signing under her original identity.


Lifeforce Energy

Everything is energy - you decide whether you want something dramatic, calming or energising.
Each painting here emits a special kind of Lifeforce energy that can bring harmony, balance, relaxation, vitality...invoking even ​enchantment, delight, romance and music.

Let go, let God “Let go, let God”

Limited Edition (10) Giclee prints.
Size: 54 x 43 cm


There's something about doing a 'de-clutter' that begins to shift energy in ways that can be quite remarkable. This is exactly what instigated this painting - the one that started the whole process of a journey not just into the art world but into a world of discovery, possibility and remarkable change.

Tuning into the Frequency “Tuning into the Frequency”

Energy interpretation of the Reiki Power Symbol - emitting strength, stability, power
Limited Edition (50) Giclee print on artist paper
Size: 40.64 x 30.48 cm

Flowing River, Rise “Flowing River, Rise”

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas
Size: 30 x 30 cm

How amazing it is that when you just surrender to the energy and the calling within you, what emerges is often so very different to what you originally intended or thought might come about.

This painting is one of those. All I knew was that I was going to the canvas with an intent of expressing love and my initial thoughts were to begin painting with traditionally known colours that represent love...reds, pinks, white - however, after doing a whitewash of the canvas, my hand reached for Persian Blue, Magenta and black!

Initially a blob in the centre and from there it began - creating water and I could feel the motion and the emotion within me that this was about rising...rising despite barriers, rising despite blocks, whether self-inflicted or inflicted by others.

This flowing river had to rise - to expand, almost like a sea - to show that it would continue to flow and rise to maintain its own freedom, its own expression, its own mark. In the flow...cleansing; purifying; a dance-like expectancy; love.

Universal life-force energy interwoven through the waves and the ripples emitting a sense of 'yes, I can relax and flow ...I can rise and be'.

Luna Shower “Luna Shower”

Acryllic on canvas
Size: 76 x 50.8 cm

When the full moon is outside shining through the roof of the conservatory and you're just being guided by the moonlight and a little corner lamp...with Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing loudly....there's something quite spectacular about the energy that comes forth from this!

Glow “Glow”

Limited Edition prints (hand-finished) -
Size:30.48 x 25.4cm

Original was part hand-painted part vibrant energy emitting vitality, youth and glow.

Moon Dance “Moon Dance”

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas
Size: 40 x 40 cm

The music that was on is called 'Time of Love' on an album by Stive Morgen and this song was touching my soul on a very deep level...perfect title and theme...because the painting itself is a remake of a pastel painting that is very similar in teme, called 'Because I love' - only this new painting I feel really 'came to life'. I painted until quite late in the evening but was only half finished.

Every day thereafter, I was looking at it and felt its beckoning but as with all of my paintings...they come into 'being' when my soul totally connects and pulls me in again. Once I was 'back there' - I started with that same piece of music, which then moved into a song title 'Wandering Soul' and then into some very soulful modernTurkish music.

I was completely meditative state...and could feel the life-force energy within me, absolutely transferring to the canvas!