Terry Crump

At age ten, I was drawing and painting with abilities that came naturally to me. My artistic goal at that time was to become the next Norman Rockwell. It’s amazing how things change with the introduction of education and life experiences that influence art making.
I attended S.U.N.Y. (State University of New York) Buffalo and graduated with a B.F.A. in Communications Design - 1971. From that time on, I devoted my efforts to create a career in art. I held numerous graphic design positions with companies including advertising agencies a performing arts theater, several corporate art departments, and a teaching job at an art academy for beginning artists.
Throughout my career as a graphic designer, I made fine art drawings and painting in a realistic style as time would permit. In 1999, I left my final corporate job and plunged into the real world of personal art making, an exciting but apprehensive time for me. I took up mural painting for a time for financial support. I painted many realistic large murals in schools, churches and homes.
At the same time, I set new goals for my fine art. I wanted to develop a personal style that would express my optimistic attitude toward life and art. I wanted to make the viewers of my work feel the joy in the creative process I utilize.
I produced many experimental paintings searching for the right kind of mark making, the ideal medium and canvas sizes for my zealous approach to brushwork. My work was far more abstract than I had ever done before. My pallet had evolved into more colors than I have ever dreamed of. I finally settled on a process that gave me great joy. I was well on my way to creating paintings that reflect a new visual reality. The paintings themselves are the only important subject matters.


Expressions in Acrylics

Paintings are done in acrylics on canvas or wood panels.

Red Bird “Red Bird”

Acrylic on Wood panel 24" x 30"

Interior Menagerie “Interior Menagerie”

Acrylic on wood panel 30" x 36"

Famous Painting “Famous Painting”

Acrylic on canvas 48" x 40"