Alex Shender

“My abstract art pieces are often not aimed at capturing reality but rather are an arrangement of colors and shapes appealing to one's senses aimed at creating a lasting feeling. Within this dream world I work to create, lies the intersection of subconscious and nature that enthralls the viewer's emotion.”

Alex Shender was born in 1966 in Kiev, USSR, presently Ukraine, Alex formally started to study art at the age of twelve. It was then, carrying art supplies and traveling for two hours by bus to get to the night classes at the Art School he started what would become a lifelong pursuit. While in college he created many artworks including illustrations for magazines and college play decorations. These works along with many others had to be left behind, along with everything that the family owned, when Alex fled the Soviet Union two years prior to its collapse. He recalls “It was a very hot Summer day in New York when I landed in JFK with one suitcase of clothes, no money.

For ten years following immigration art took a back seat and was limited to pen and pencil sketches until the early 2000s. Currently a resident of Connecticut, Alex creates paintings, sculpture and limited edition prints inspired by local scenery, nature, and people. He also created many artworks on consignment. These works can be found in a number of private collections primarily in the United States.


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