Kwong Kwok Wai

KWONG Kwok Wai

Location: Hong Kong

As a former journalist, Kwong Kwok Wai, Walter changed paths in becoming a painter, alongside the change of the city, from being a British colony to returning to Chinese sovereignty. His artwork is all about reminiscing this historical phase.


The Map of A Myth III

Inhabitants of a city share their vision of living. As a result, city development symbolizes what the community has done for survival, and this process is documented in maps.

Using fragments of maps of my hometown Hong Kong, this painting reflects the reminiscence of the local history and anticipation of our future from a first-person narrative. For reference, I employed both old and new maps of the Kowloon Peninsula, where 40% of the population resides. With vigorous colors and weltering brushstrokes, I intend to explore the nature of the existence of a community.