Chiara Magni

Chiara Magni

Location: Italy


My name is Chiara Magni, I am 31 years old and live near the beautiful Lake Garda, in Italy.

Creativity and art have always been fundamental parts of my life. Ever since I was a child I immediately started to develop a very instinctive and almost visceral approach with creativity and with the desire to express myself and my emotions. Sure in my case the practice came first and then the theory. In fact, I immediately found myself drawing and painting, experimenting with various techniques without even knowing what they were called but simply following what I liked and what made me happy.

Then came the school and the study of the History of Art, but I can say with certainty that my character as an artist, my estrus and what I thought was beautiful to see and to create were formed right there in my early years of life. Then things started to have a name, some things I learned by reading school books that had a name, they belonged to a current of thought or a geographical placement. In certain things I identified myself and in others I did not.

Growing up, there have been various phases of my life, not all of them were easy and many times I haven't listened to my artistic drive and decided to force that drive into a lethargic mode. But the truth is that everything I had cultivated since I was a child never left me, and all my baggage was always there ready for me! At a certain point in 2013 I surrendered to the fact that creation and ART were my life, my past, my present and my future!

From that moment on, besides being a pleasure, it became a "job" and I never stopped! Over the years I have experimented with practically all the classic and even less classic mediums, even trying to create very unusual things that I never thought was possible to mix without creating strange chemical reactions, I’ve really tried everything! In the end though, I understood and that the feeling of positivity, happiness and fulfillment that oil paint gave me no other medium was able to give me and so I made my choice!

I have always been a bit special and sometimes bizarre both in my personal life and in the artistic field and so is my style, I am specialized in FINGER PAINTING.

This technique requires that only the fingers are used, the color is given pure from the tube to the canvas without thinners, and creates a very strong and 3D texture with really vivid colors.

It is a technique that gives a lot of satisfaction, and allows me to project myself into another dimension, a world of my own where there is only what I am creating.

Most of my paintings are 100% finger painted, but I have always believed that we should always aim to be better and that a painting should be as perfect as possible, within the limits of the artist's style.

For this reason there are occasions where I also use other tools to create the exact optical effects that I intend to see on my painting. Sometimes I use brushes, spatulas, paper, fabric, wooden sticks, sometimes I throw a very diluted paint directly onto the canvas.

I decided not to put limits on my creativity and to do all I can to evoke strong and positive emotions in the observer.

As an artist I believe I have the task of making our society a little better, or at least more colorful!


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