Katarzyna Środowska

Katarzyna Środowska

Location: Poland

She paits on canvas, in the oil and acrylic technique. She creates worlds full of silence and peace. Her paintings are full of air, and distant horizons. Simple and harmonic. Minimalistic. Her paintins one can divide in into two theme lines: geometric and figurative art. Two different worlds where her creativity finds endless inspiration. What inspites her is the world aroud her. For her, the essensce of the art is the minimalism and the pure form of the things. ‘Less is more’ is her motto. She takes part in many individual and collective exhibitions.

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź, in the Institute of Painting and Drawing. A member of the Mazovian Association of Fine Arts Artists.

She cooperates with many Polish and European galleries. A big number of her paintings found place in private collections in Poland and abroad.


2021 – group exhibitions, “Expression and minimalism”, Vinci ART GALLERY, Poznań,
2021 – solo exhibitions “Daily life”, 101Project Contemporary Art Gallery, Warsaw,
2021 – solo exhibitions “Expression and minimalism”, Art Gallery DAP3 ZPAP, Warsaw,
2020 – group exhibitions “Art in Times of Plague. Prelude“, Jabłonna,
2019 – group exhibitions, XXI Winter Sales Showroom, BWA Skierniewice,
2019 – solo exhibitions, Żywa Gallery Artbistro Stalowa52, Warsaw,
2019 – solo exhibitions, Hotel BoniFaCio, Sochocin,
2019 – solo exhibitions, Art Gallery in Prosta Street, Jabłonna-Legionowo,
2019 – solo exhibitions „Niebiesko/Blue”, Samo Centrum Wszechświata, Warsaw,
2019 – solo exhibitions „In search of silence”, COEK Studio, Ciechanów,
2019 – group exhibitions, Power of Art Blue, Koneser, Warsaw,
2018 – group exhibitions, Art Gallery in Prosta Street, Jabłonna-Legionowo
2018 – solo exhibitions „Sztuka kontrastu”, Art Gallery Ratusz, Legionowo,
2018 – group exhibitions, White Wall Gallery, Łódź,
2018 – group exhibitions, Jasiński&friends, Gallery by the Theatre, Warsaw,
2017 – group exhibitions, Metamorfozy Gallery, Warsaw,
2017 – Solo exhibitions, Art Gallery in Prosta Street, Jabłonna-Legionowo,
2017 – group exhibitions, 4 Pages of the World Gallery, Pułtusk,
2016 – Solo exhibitions, Żywa Gallery Artbistro Stalowa52, Warsaw,
2015 – Solo exhibitions PROM Cultural, Warszawa
2015 – group exhibitions in Wilanów, Warsaw,
2013 – group exhibitions in Nieborowo,
2012 – group exhibitions, City Cultural Centre in Kobyłka
2011 – group exhibitions, „Light-Shadow ” House of Culture Zacisze, Warsaw,
2011 – group exhibition of the First Artistic Creativity Review “Paleta”, Warsaw,
2010- Solo exhibitions, Orla Gallery, Ząbki.



Figurative art

My paintings are filled with calmness, there is order and order of geometric divisions and subdued colours. The landscape has no superfluous elements. They are flatly painted patches of calm sky and water. Looking at these spaces, one can almost feel the warmth of a holiday day. Minimalism and pure form evoke reflection, induce silence.

Golfer “Golfer”

Oil on canvas, siyeŁ 100x100

Golferman “Golferman”

Oil on canvas, size: 100x100

Master stroke “Master stroke”

Oil on canvas, size: 46x38

On the background of the sea “On the background of the sea”

Oil on canvas, size: 46x38

Without words “Without words”

Oil on canvas, size: 100x140

On the way to victory “On the way to victory”

Oil on canvas, size: 46x33