Susan Moss

Fifty years ago Susan Moss began her full-time Studio practice. After gallery and Museum shows world-wide, she now has 545 Collectors including five Museums: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Skirball Center, Laguna Art Museum, UC Irvine Buck Museum, and Lilley Museum University of Nevada,
Her current gallery shows are bG Gallery in Bergamot, Santa Monica, California and Quidley and Co, in Naples, Florida,



The Colorsphere paintings and Earthslide drawings are the newest work to come out of the Studio and into galleries, Museums, and Art Fairs, The COLORSPHERE Paintings combine color and atmosphere, Large-scale and gestural, they invite the viewer into a world of color, shape, and gesture,
The Earthslide drawings mirror the changes the earth goes through as it heaves and shakes and whirls,


COLORSPHERE 3 combines 20 different shades of green: olive, Kelly, emerald, forest, blue-green, and contrasts that with orange red in a many layered combination of paint and oil crayon. It is large-scale, seven feet high,


COLORSPHERE 6 explodes with violets and pale blues, Shapes collide and fit together, Large-scale, eight-foot painting shines with transparent layers of oil and oil crayon,

Study for COLORSPHERE 7 “Study for COLORSPHERE 7”

This is an oil on paper study for COLORSPHERE 7, 50" x 38", It is not the study chosen to work from, but a work of art in its own right,

Earthslide drawing “Earthslide drawing”

The Earthslide drawings were begun in 198o. Thirty of the first group were shown at Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, New York that year, They now have become very large, 60" x 42" and very gestural and layered, The medium is oil crayon and graphite,