Beauyn Nichols

I'm a silversmith studying at Idaho State University hoping to get a foot in the door to expand my brand.


Metalwork and Jewelry 2020-2021

Just a few of the works I'm proudest of from these last couple years.

Eye of Ra (incense burner) “Eye of Ra (incense burner) ”

A double back flow incense burner made from brass and copper with a liver of sulfur patina.

Juxtaposed “Juxtaposed”

An ankh riveted to the image of a coffin on a chain with a weave designed by myself made of copper and brass with a liver of sulfur patina.

Wisdom Seeker “Wisdom Seeker”

A Valknut sigil made of copper, brass, and nickel with a liver of sulfur patina on a chain of copper, steel, and coated brass.

The Guardian “The Guardian”

An obsidian arrowhead wrapped in steel wire on a steel and coated brass chain with brass wire woven through.