Elena Levkovskaya

Elena Levkovskaya

Location: Australia

Elena Levkovskaya is a self-taught fine art portraiture, beauty and fashion editorial photographer and painter based in Sydney, Australia. Her work focuses on artistically capturing the beauty of her subject, regardless of the genre.

"As a photographer and painter, I love to combine the beauty of human bodies and paint and/or other media, so you may find my artworks full of textures. For me, this combination is the purest and the most honest depiction of the subject with a hidden message. Always. Every element is in its right place and uncovers the story. The compound of these elements is my distinctive feature. This is my identity."

Elena is the recipient of numerous awards including 'Top 30 Photographer of the Year 2018', Australia. In 2020 she was included in the list and published in the book 'Leaders in Contemporary Art', which is a captivating documentation of today’s leading contemporary artists showcasing current artwork of the highest calibre.

Her photographs have been exhibited in Sydney and featured in beauty and fashion magazines across the globe, including Vogue and L'Officiel.

Represented by Bluethumb Gallery, Australia and RAW Natural Born Artists, Australia.


Heaven, from the Bodyscapes series

Inspired by the most recognisable and iconic Australian landmarks across the country, we created our own photographic slices of the selected locations with an emphasis on preserving their unique textures and colours.

Another layer of this art series is about the beauty of woman’s body and its ability to change, be flexible and durable at the same time. How fascinating and wowing watching every curve of the body, its angles and shapes, every wrinkle and different textures. A live sculpture, a galaxy, a bodyscape.

Woman’s body is so complex and so changeable as the landscape that changes every second of wind’s breath or due to human’s or any others impacts. Every next second it’s a little bit different, and a little bit the same, having same features and the basis.

One more layer of this project is about personal experience of
feeling and watching how’s my body changing every day week after week within 9 months and then changing back is fascinating. I’m admiring what it’s capable of, the complexity of the system and its ability to create.
I’m grateful for my body’s creation, for its inspiration and I’m calling you to truly
Love yourself, appreciate your body and beauty around you, be in love with nature and feel the unity and vibe of the endless freedom.