Lara Kaye

A self-taught and full-time visual artist, Lara Kaye learns by reading, observing, and practicing.

To her, nature and creativity are magnificent gifts of the Creator, who is the original Artist; and she enjoys capturing and sharing beauty, design, and diversity.

Her interest in art and photography has steadily increased over three decades since childhood, and through close-up photography of flowers, she started out on her journey to becoming an independent artist.

Soon after, Lara discovered that she enjoys turning her photos into digital artworks through artistic editing techniques.

The South African born artist then began to look into more traditional means of creating art - drawing with ink pens, graphite or watercolour pencils, and painting with watercolours.

Lara produces mixed media pieces by also digitally enhancing or altering some of her drawings and paintings.

The artist hopes that you will find a piece among her work that will help to speak to the heart, comfort, or bring joy.

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My mini portfolio

Just one image of each category of art I make.

Shoes “Shoes”

Title derived from the saying "Put yourself in their shoes."

Gracefully Ageing “Gracefully Ageing”

The lines, spots, and wrinkles caused by ageing can add charm.

Yellow Flower “Yellow Flower”

This image of wild flowers is a favourite among viewers.

Rose “Rose”

The piece means a lot to me, because it is an example of how you can still achieve something good regardless of your circumstances if you will put your trust in God.