Location: Suriname

Floris Eugene Betrouw (floris.betrouw@hotmail.com) is a contemporary realist painter who lives and works in Paramaribo, Suriname (North coast of South America). His colorful paintings processed with his self-designed painting technique, namely painting with paper-mache, with 3D visible radiation effect. Basic medium (Mixed medium artwork) : Hardboard, Paper-mache and acryl paint.
My paintings are vivid, realistic the view of the painting-work follows/look you in the direct line, and vice versa you see a difference in the painting-work. From 2021 to now participated with International online Artwork completions whereby received 14 awards
My source of inspiration is the static representation of what I can actually express with shapes and depths, as landscapes, tropical animals and plants, nature etc. all come alive with contrasting and harmonious colors and bold compositions.


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