Arzu Sandal

arzu sandal

Location: Turkey


She began her photography works seriously with the encouragement of Faruk Akba? during the Northern Aegean trip in 2006. Afterwards she attended many trips again with the leadership of Faruk Akba? and got one on one education. Meanwhile she has always been used to the presence of photography since her childhood because her mother is a photographer.
During some trips initially she was taking only memoir type photographs but later it turned into a passion of keeping visual records. Her works, which then turned into a lifestyle for her, also became a new way of expression for her.
She became an IFOD member in 2007. She continues her improvement with the technical and academic suggestions and supports of NSU FAA (Ninth of September University, Fine Arts Academy) lecturer Assistant Professor Dr. A. Beyhan Özdemir, still attends and contributes to IFOD events.
2009 Özcan Yurdalan Documentary Photography Workshop “Gothic Photography Project”
2011 ?brahim Demirel “Texture-Rhythm-Graphics”
2011 ?lke Varan Co?kuner (Technical Support and Project Consulting)
2008 “Nepal” Group Exhibition / Denizli – Teras Park
2008 “Nepal” Group Exhibition / U?ak
2008 “The Rebellious Spirit of the World, Cuba” Personal Exhibition / Binrota Art Gallery
2008 “The Peak of Mystical Stories, the Himalayans” Personal Exhibition / Binrota Art Gallery
2008 “Pokhara” Personal Exhibition / Binrota Art Gallery
2008 “Cuba” Personal Exhibition / IFOD
2008 “Cuba” Personal exhibition / FAF (Fine Arts Faculty) Exhibition Hall Izmir
2009 “Alienation” IFOD Traditional Group / IKSEV
2009 “4 Women 4 Photographers” 8th March Women’s Day Personal Presentation / IFOD
2009 “Cuba” personal exhibition, documentary photograph virtual gallery
2010 “White” IFOD Traditional Group / Çetin Emeç Art Gallery
2011 “Daylight of the East” Personal / IFOD Olcaytu Caneri Exhibition Hall
2011 “Auto-portrait” IFOD 25th Year Events / Sabanc? Culture Center
2011 “Working Women” IFOD 25th Year Events / Painting and Sculpture Museum
2011 “Frame by Frame” / AFSAD Barcovision presentation
2011 “VIII International Turkish Folklore Congress” IFOD group / Paloma PASHA Resort, Özdere – ?zmir
2012 “Contradictious” / IFOD Traditional Group IMM (Izmir Metropolitan Municipality) ?zmir Art Center, Kültürpark
2012 “IFOD Working Women Photography Workshop” / Aphrodisias Art Center
2012 “Contradictious” AFSAD Gallery
2012 “66 Women 66 Works” World Women’s Day / Çekirdek Art Sea Museum
2012 “SESAN Group Album Work”
2012 “Personal exhibition on Alzheimer” / Ça?da? Art Gallery / Ankara
2012 “Barcovision Presentation” ?ZDOF / ?zmir Art Center, Kültürpark
2012 “Freedom of Colors” Personal Exhibition, Refo Art House / ?zmir
2012 “Freedom of Colors” Personal Exhibition, YC Café Gallery / Denizli
2012 “Turkey Perspective” and “ASIA in the Flesh” show / IFOD
Her works on four individual projects and two books still continue.


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