Location: Ukraine

Independent Russian-Ukrainian artist Angelika Belousova, working under the pseudonym Iron Anjie. I am developing my own style in art, studying at art school, I realized that I have something to say to the world in my form, I want to convey vivid feelings with my works. One of the London galleries has published my work "modern new surrealism". I believe that art should not give despondency and fear, but hope. his philosophy, vivid emotions and faith. My Instagram is @iron_anjie.



Autumn “Autumn”

Acrylic, canvas 35x25 cm

Brain Play “Brain Play”

Acrylic, canvas 25x35 cm

Bridge of Time “Bridge of Time”

Acrylic, canvas 50x35 cm

Catch the Mind “Catch the Mind”

Acrylic, canvas on cardboard 30x40 cm

Coffee Time “Coffee Time”

Acrylic, canvas on cardboard 40x30

Consciousness “Consciousness”

Acrylic, canvas on cardboard 40x30 cm