Mirvia Sol Eckert

Mirvia Sol Eckert was born in Puerto Rico and has worked as a full-time painter since 2008. She lives in Indianapolis,IN.
Common themes of Mirvia’s work are her Puerto Rican heritage, love of family and friends, spirituality, and a fascination with nature. She’s very proud of her culture and it colors her work even when the subject matter is not specifically related to her background.

Though Mirvia’s painting continues to evolve, she never strays too far from her basic technique. Her earlier pieces were much more simplistic. Mirvia’s current work incorporates more shading to enhance the illusion of depth.

Mirvia creates in bold, vibrant colors and produces strong, dramatic grayscale pieces, using crisp lines and clearly defined shapes of color to depict forms that are mostly expressionistic. However, in some pieces she illustrates subjects in a more impressionistic style while bringing out qualities of the image that are subjective or symbolic.

She periodically works using the more stylized technique of her early career when applicable. Acrylic paint is her preferred medium.

Mirvia feels honored for being one of the recipients of the Creative Renewal
Arts Fellowship Grant 2020.

If you’d like to see more of Mirvia’s work, the stories behind some of the pieces, an exhibition list, please visit her website https://mirviasol.com/
Or her instagram @mirviasolpainter.


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