Rey Isip

Rey Isip originally from New York and now residing in California and Nevada finds that his mid career draws from his initial Pratt Institute and Art Center College of Design background where he thereafter pursue a vast Industrial Design national and international background starting early with Automotive Styling for Ford and Chrysler.
His design appetite grew to be involved with all phases of design - product, graphics, interior, environmental, and architecture.

Much of his design credits list many of the Fortune 500 companies where his company’s design - concepts to production were in demand.

Rey felt an escape necessary to pursue a new type of expression which is very personal.
He discovered Painting as a new way of designing for himself and enabling him new controlled creative freedom of expressions in whatever moments of time that he chooses.
You will see that his design experience skill are woven naturally in every painting. A three dimensional and two dimensional compositional play of color, line, and texture are apparent in his paintings which can be small to large in scale. Rey considers his range of paintings to be contemporary with objective notions to abstracts which are totally personal and pure . As a musically spirited person , one can also see a play of rhythm and counterpoint in his work. His visual statements in which he finds difficult to explain his process. This is considered a reward as he continues his journey into his exploratory world of new visual expressions.


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