Jazmin Sasky

Jazmin Sasky

Location: Canada

Schooled in figurative painting and illustration, the artist’s quest for perceiving the role of women, as friends, lovers, matriarchs of families and leaders of their own lives, brought her to a distinctive, portraiture style. Each painting invites us to join a global sisterhood that is both joyful and poignant, animated by singing colours, and inspiring forms from Latin American’s diversity, and complexions.

Says Sasky: “My new body of work gives form to the cultural mosaic of Latin America, which symbolizes my personal search for identity and belonging. Through this pursuit, I am able to summon memory, emotion and self realization.

There’s a continuous theme running through all my work and that is the togetherness of women. My paintings are allegories of the special friendship, companionship and sense of community that women create. Sisterhoods of women weave a common thread of togetherness, strengthened in times of need and times of joy.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jazmin Sasky has made her home in Vancouver, Canada, where she works as a full time visual artist. She alternates her time in Oaxaca, Mexico, her beloved and artistic homeland.


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