Matt Gabel

Artist, painter and collagist, Matt Gabel found and learned most of his visual language growing up in the New Jersey/New York area.Matt began his life in the suburban town of Wayne, New Jersey, where he found the most rural surroundings to always keep him connected with the outside world. Born in 1969, Gabel had spent half of his life without global internet or cellular technologies which pushed him to be more creative and observant of his surroundings. When Gabel was little, he remembers being enamored with an ordinary cardboard box. This meant days of creation in making an articulating fortress, or perhaps a mystifying dragon. Whatever it was, he loved creating something from raw material. Occasionally, he would use the painted walls in his bedroom for crayon and marker murals. Needless to say, this did not sit well with his parents, so pads were given for his creative needs. He began to draw mostly fantasy and renderings of J.R. Tolkien's stories.
Gabel made his debut in an outdoor fine art show in August 2019. After two shows, he experienced great success. Covid quickly followed, and 2020 scheduled shows were canceled. It became a substantial opportunity for Gabel to focus on production. 2021 presented new shows and a “Best of Show” award at the Weston Fine Art Festival.


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