Art By Latasha

Life is full of colors. In different States in the U.S., in Canada, in Ireland in the Netherlands, in parts of Africa, Mexico and in Hawaii.
I've taken what I've seen globally thus far and placed it at the stroke of a paintbrush or at the tip of a pencil. I mixed my memories of each place with paint and out came my art pieces.
My collection is done using pencil, acrylic and tempera paint. Most are on canvas boards, ranging from 5x7 to 70x40.


Splashes of Orange

Inspired by the Miami Dolphins

Splashes of Orange “Splashes of Orange ”

Inspired by NFL Miami Dolphins

Twins; Identical but not the same “Twins; Identical but not the same”

I know two brilliant Bahamian Haitian twins.

Delightful Arrangement “Delightful Arrangement ”

This painting is a collection of different flowers I've seen in varies places.

Splashes of White (Japan) “Splashes of White (Japan)”

When I started speaking Japanese, I knew shortly after I would paint an art piece reminding me of Japan.