Anna Franczuk

Anna Franczuk

Location: Poland

Anna Franczuk - an artist based in Poland. By profession she is a doctor of medicine specialized in dermatology, in 2017 she postgraduated with distinction from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, where she studied painting in the studio of professor Leszek Mickoś. She is a member of an artistic team “Grupa Ukryta”.
Her big passion and adventure with art began in 2014 when she started to create artworks in soft pastel technique and soon she decided to start her education at Art Academy. Since 2015 her love for acrylic paints has started and it has remained her favourite painting technique till today.
There are four solo shows and many group exhibitions in her artistic life, including exhibitions in Gallery 33 (Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland), Browar Mieszczański, DNA Gallery (Wrocław, Poland). Since 2019 her artworks attended the Young Artists Auctions in Desa Unicum (Warsaw, Poland) and auctions of modern art in 101 Project Gallery (Warsaw, Poland). In April 2020 she was selected as one of the finalists in Malamegi LAB 15 Art Contest. She was published in Spotlight Magazine- Issue 22- Contemporary Art Magazine of Circle Foundation For The Arts and in the collections of Singulart Gallery Online titled: “Comfort Food for Rainy Days”, “Inspired by Claes Oldenburg”, “Inspired by Ron English”

Anna Franczuk’s painting focuses on providing sensual stimuli to viewers and displaces the center of gravity in art from the cognitive and intellectual function to the emotional and aesthetic one. Without too much bombast or exaltation she invites viewers to her world of delights over the beauty of moments and unusualness of everyday reality scraps. One can call her pictures a kind of neopop-art chill out.

“As an artist I am interested especially in human relations to the surrounding world. I concentrate my attention on gestures, senses and human body details. I wish my paintings could speak straight to the viewers not demanding too much receptive effort. Being inspired by pop-art, I use colours and shapes to express my ideas in possibly most minimalistic way. I would like my art to bring optimistic, relaxing impact on receivers. Through my painting I try to celebrate and affirm moments of my life and share reflections, impressions, anecdotes and memories of my own with hope of resonating with viewers’ emotions.
I deeply believe in a healing power of art in a plenty of its meanings. The process of creating can be healing for the artist, but also the emotions and intentions involved in it are energetically and spiritually included in the artwork and influences recipients that resonate with similar vibrations. Therefore especially now in the time of pandemy it is extremely advisable thing to spread art as healing vibes to people all over the world.”


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