Christina Zoi

Christina Zoi

Location: Greece

Christina Zoi ( originates from Greece. She obtained her first pastel colors at the age of eight to unfold from there and then her artistic nature. She has attended for about three years a private tutorial painting, took Byzantine hagiography lessons, as also photography courses and pottery seminars. At the same time, she was making her own designs and colors, she organized her own studio and studied everything related to Art. While studying at the School of Fine Arts she had the opportunity to deal with other types of art such as sculpture, engraving and digital art. She considers her works of art as her own body and spiritual extension. Her paintings are the result of the action of the artist itself, an inner self but also a living story. Art for Christina Zoi is a perception of the world beyond languages, colors of people, social classes, institutionalized situations and manipulative mechanisms.

• Solo exhibition, Cultural Center, Ioannina, April 2018.
• Solo exhibition, Halkidiki, August 2015.
1. Athens Art Festival 2021, Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, October 2021
2. “Wonderful days in the midst of a pandemic, Pocket Star Gallery, Lycabettus, Athens, 2021
3. Select Art ’21, Villa Artemisia, Chania, World of Crete, 2021
4. Art Project for the stops of the Greek City Buses Organization, Persistent Art, 2021
5. The Pandemic of ARTvirus #ARTvirusHUMANITY, OnLine Art Exhibiton Part2, 2021
6. Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, group exhibition, 2020.
7. Hall of Letters and Arts, Veria, group exhibition, 2019.
8. Girl’s School Hall, Edessa, group exhibition, 2019.
9. Urban School of Katerini, group exhibition, 2019.
10. Piraeus Bank Conference Center, Thessaloniki, group report, 2018.
11. Cultural Center of Floisvos Faliro, Athens, group exhibition, July 2017.
12. Gallerie of Creators (N. Kifissia), Athens, group exhibition, October 2017.
13. Municipal Library (Tobacco Shop) of Alexandroupolis, group exhibition, March 2017.
14. Chili Art Gallery, Thissio, group exhibition, November 2015.
15. 5th Visual Arts Meeting of Paros, Dimitrakopoulos Building, group exhibition, July 2016.
16. Root Art Space, Thissio, group exhibition, July 2015.
17. Gallery Poseidon Resort, Paros, group exhibition, August 2015.
18. GALLERY EL, group exhibition, Thessaloniki, June 2015.
19. Second The Influence Art Festival, Karditsa, Maios 2015.
20. “Karolos Papoulias” Conference Center, group exhibition, Ioannina, March 2012.



Creativity is linked to loneliness and the knowledge of human nature, which is itself a contradiction. An artist may have just sociability breaks. My believe is that works of art come from your ability to observe and the depths of your subconsciousness, in other words your inner being, in order to produce the pure art you want.


"SILENCE" is a painting about violence and human response. The result of silence is always Isolation.


"FREEDOM" is a painting about the unknown, the shapless, the abstract, the instictive, the irrational and a thought in free fall. Explotions of light in the dark, explotions of colour on the canvas.


"THE KISS" is a painting about love and intimacy.


"BRONGE TIMES III" is a painting about the women's figure. A human body, imperfect and warm in bronge times.


"MALE IV" is a painting about the male body and the contradiction between the consiousness of the face expression and the perfection of a perfect body.