Domenico Goi


Location: Italy

Short description
My name is Domenico Goi, born in Italy, I received formal training, I use collage and acrylic to compose works of figurative expressionism because this is my personal way of seeing and creating.

I started my work about fifteen years ago and recently won the second prize in the 50th competition with the theme 'Hope' on I exhibited my works at the Margutta gallery in Rome and I was selected as a finalist at the Brightness Award 2020 with the theme "freedom". I took part in the festival collages in Brussel and Milan. I am currently attending Stepan Zavrel's school with teacher Gabriel Pacheco.

Few thoughts on my work and collage as an art form or what it means

I just want to say that life is a great collage and every day I see around me a reality that mixes, breaks down and recomposes itself in different ways, often independently of our will. This is why I believe that a collage artist is the most faithful interpreter of reality - and for this reason I adhere as much as possible to the figurative arts, albeit shaping them in my own way.