Marcus Wolak

Marcus Wolak

Location: Taiwan

I initially discovered the art of bonsai living and working in Taiwan. Ceramics soon followed. Taiwan's scenery is very beautiful, full of mountains and old trees, waterfalls, and enchanted forests giving an abundance of inspiration. I have been living in Taiwan for the past 20 years and have grown to love the people and culture. It is in Taiwan that I make objects out of clay.

Through bonsai, I began becoming more aware of the pots that housed these trees. It was here that my love for ceramics grew. I made some pots and then proceeded to find teachers in Taiwan to further my skill level. It went from bonsai pots to coffee mugs, to tea bowls, jugs, lidded jars, vases, teapots, and the list continues.

I studied the hand-building techniques of ceramics Master Chen Kuo Kwang and learned the art of wheel throwing by talented local artist, Kuo Li Chai. I have been fortunate to have been taught by excellent Taiwanese teachers.

I now create what I feel like creating from my pottery workshop. I still am influenced greatly by my surroundings and the Asian aesthetics, particularly the Taiwanese/Japanese styles.

The name AllinOne is connected to the elements of Earth - metal, wood, water, fire, and soil. These elements together make one earth. I feel it applies to ceramics – metal could symbolize glaze, wood is burnt in a wood kiln, water is needed to throw clay, fire to harden the clay, and soil, the quintessential material. All these elements are used to produce a single piece of ceramics; hence the name ALLINONECERAMICS.

I create pieces that can be used in the home and hopefully that item will make your day a little more enjoyable. It is this feeling that motivates me to make pots.

Take care and write to me if you have any questions about my work.


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