Julia Lincke

Julia Lincke

Location: Germany

I was born on January 6th 1966 in Essen (Germany). After completing my studies in Düsseldorf to become a social worker, I worked for several years as a social assistant.
I have been living on the beauful island of Mallorca since 1996.
My professional art studies began in 2000 and between the years of 2004 and 2007 I attended courses at the prestigious European Art Academy in Trier.
Then on Mallorca I have been a very active member of Quart Creixent studio in Palma de Mallorca.

2021 Collective exhibition in Alten Sägewerk Rauschenberg
2021 Paintings exhibited in the Kunst Käfer Gallery in Marburg

2019 Participation in the 5th International watercolour meeting in Ceuta & excursion to Xauen (Morocco).
2019 Watercolour workshop with Michal Suffczynski at Casal Balaguer in Palma
2019 Watercolour workshop with Cesc Farre at David Santos´ studio, Palma
2019 Participation in the Nit del Art in S'arracó, Mallorca
2019 Participation in the Josep Ventosa Prize competition in Andratx, Mallorca
2019 Watercolour workshop with Roberto Zangarelli at Casal Balaguer in Palma
2019 Collective exhibition at the Ciutadà Il-legal centre in Pòrtol, Mallorca

2018 Collective exhibition at the Senseless Gallery in Sencelles, Mallorca
2018 Participation in the Nit del Art in S'Arracó, Mallorca

2017 Participation in the Nit del Art in S'Arracó, Mallorca
2017 Watercolour workshop with Eugen Chisnicean in Palma

2016 Collective exhibition "Petito" at the gallery 3C3 Art in Palma

2015 Exhibition at the gallery 3C3 Art in Palma, Mallorca
2015 Exhibition at the Hotel Residencia in Deià, Mallorca

2014 Exhibition at Café Cielo in Karlsruhe Durlach, Germany
2014 Participation in the Nit del Art in S'arracó, Mallorca

2013 Participation in the Nit del Art in S'arracó, Mallorca
2013 Exhibition at the Galerie nouou, S'arracó, Mallorca
2013 Participation in the competition of the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Lighthouses and Ports of the Balearic Islands
2012 Collective exhibition at the Kunstraub Gallery, Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

2011 Participation in the competition Premio Josep Ventosa Municipality of Andratx, Mallorca

2010 Exhibition Commerzbank Düsseldorf
2010 Exhibition K3 City of Hilden
2010 Collective exhibition at the Centre D'Art Estació, Sineu, Mallorca
2009 Exhibition Axis Chiropraxis, Palma, Mallorca

2000 - 2004 Lessons with Stefan Beltzig


Work on paper in mixed media

The subjects of my work are urban scenes, people, arquitecture and landscapes, my preferred techniques are watercolours, mixed media and acrylics. I love strong contrasting colours and use them with vast variations of intensities.
I am truly fascinated by Expressionism.
When I am painting I am not especially concerned with creating an exact reproduction of what I see, it is rather my own personal vision.
We could say semi abstract. I leave the work´s interpretation up to the viewer.
Here I would like to show my latest works in mixed media on paper. They are mostly human figures.
The measures are 42x 59,4 cm

Girl in a squatting position “Girl in a squatting position”

Work on paper semi abstract with water colour and acrilic paint, 42x 59,4 cm

Man in thoughts “Man in thoughts”

Watercolour and acrilic on paper 42x 59,4 cm

Boy in blue “Boy in blue”

Semi abstract in mixed media
42x 59,4 cm

Girl with a yellow shirt “Girl with a yellow shirt”

The girl in the yellow shirt is looking at a book and at the same time seems completely lost in thought. I started this painting with watercolour and then worked on it with pastel chalk. It is a combination which I like very much. Something unexpected always emerges.
Watercolour paper 56x 76 cm

Pancakes for breakfast “Pancakes for breakfast”

Watercolour on paper with oil pastel. Mixture of drawing and painting. It shows my little niece was preparing pancake dough for breakfast.

Together “Together”

A couple both caught up in a sight that is not shown. They appear united and harmonious with each other