Viktoria Zhulego

Viktoria Zhulego

Location: Belarus

Viktoria mainly uses ink and watercolour, but some of her paintings are created with acrylic. Although even with watercolours she put many layers in order to get "thick" colours.
Viktoria prefers minimalism in life, and this influence her artistic style a lot. Usually one drawing is focused on one object from the natural world and the number of colours from the natural palette is limited.
«Nature heals our souls and does not ask for anything in return. How many beautiful, unique creatures have been created by nature! Green plants and bird’s voices are my treatment and escape from all the chaos of this world and my true values.
My paintings are based on my feeling of nature, it’s harmony and calmness and I transfer these feelings to paper will all my love and respect. It’s the same as to write a poem – the words are just coming and you only need to write them…»

Viktoria is a Contemporary Art Gallery member.

October 2021 Contemporary art gallery online, “All animal”, 3rd place
July 2021 Contemporary art gallery online, “All botanical”
August 2021 Colors of Humanity Art Gallery “Botanicals”

January 2022 Participant of charity project by Nikas Safronov «NFT-elka: artists for artists»



Birds in Watercolor

Blue Macaw “Blue Macaw”

Watercolor on paper

Greenfinch “Greenfinch”

Watercolor on paper

Toco “Toco”

Watercolor on paper