Jayne Levant

Can a paintbrush cure cancer? Of course not , but it can be a powerful tool for recovery.
Twenty five years after having leukemia I am still expressing my hopes, fears and joy of being alive. Since moving to Santa Fe New Mexico my work has been focused on natural organic themes reflecting the unique beauty of the land. My latest work involves the use of wax (encaustic). This has allowed me to explore the many layers of my subconscious. I still enjoy painting Southwest landscapes using rich bold colors. I hope that my paintings encourage viewers to find their own truth within the forms and images that I create.


I did it my way

My latest work explores the unknown. Each layer of wax creates new possibilities. I am happy to go with the flow.

Hope..Red white and blur “Hope..Red white and blur”

Wax pour over monotype

Road to Taos “Road to Taos”

Oil on canvas

World of covid “World of covid”

Wax pour over monotype