Maksim Echein


My world.

Аrt for some people is a hobby, for others - a profession or possibly something else. For me it is a part of life, which gives me pleasure as a hobby and self-affirmation as a profession. Whenever some piece of work is a success, I feel so uplifted and proud, that it can be compared with a feeling a person might have after being promoted. Process of creation is also an opportunity to share one's thoughts, topics, outlooks, to talk about the things that worry, interest and move. Apart from that, making a painting, a drawing or a sculpture is a way of distracting from routine life problems. This feeling can be compared with a trip, when all trivial stuff is left behind, and something new, unknown, exciting is waiting for you. And you can find it in ordinary things, activities, people. Art provides an opportunity to see usual things in a completely different way. Based on the image, an artist adds some personal vision, applying feelings and emotions to the artwork, pulling the spectators in. And the last but not least, it's so great to feel oneself a creator!

"The pause." Oil on canvas. 74х53 сm. “"The pause." Oil on canvas. 74х53 сm.”

My work is about the creator, who leaves in everyone of us, and about any artist, who can make a piece of art out of nothing. And this piece of art provokes particular emotions. Besides, my work is about labour: an enormous amount of physical and phsycological strenghs, which every artist overcomes while creating a piece of art. And surely it is about the perseption, the feeling achieved in case the result corresponds to the idea, expectations and thoughts. It's hard to explain these complicated feelings of joy, pride and sadness. I suppose, they come altogether with enormous tiredness at the moment when the artist realises that the work is finished. I can also add here the feeling of victory over oneself and over the obstacles appearing in the process of work when finally the artist lets the piece of art live its own life.