Songul Terlemez

She was born in a small town in Turkey. She attended elementary school, secondary school, and high school in Ankara Turkey. She could not go to college and started working. The big city was suffocating him. At the age of 20, he moved to a seaside town, and that's when she realized he loved painting. Because nature encouraged her to paint the sea. She gave birth to her first child, but she only lived for three days. For a long time, with frustration, rebellion, and pain, she did not touch the brush. Life went on. She tried to get through this pain by painting. Most of the time, she conveyed her pain to her paintings and comforted them. When she opened a café and started running it, she exhibited his paintings in her own workplace for the first time she did it as an amateur. Then she opened the second and third elsewhere.
She was painting without training. Years later, she took three years of lessons from an Art teacher in town. She learned to be original and use his imagination to paint, light and shadow. When she was painting, she went inside the picture and said he lived there and never wanted time to pass. After living in that town for many years, she immigrated to the big city of Istanbul, and now she had her husband and daughter with her. She was attending exhibitions in Istanbul, making friends and learning new techniques from them. She started organizing exhibitions with a friend, organizing, moving, promoting, advertising and posters himself. She has organized many exhibitions. She started painting in a workshop with some friends. The texture experiments were doing their paintings in 3D. When she started a picture, she did texture and then reminiscent. Cities, animals, people and nature, they were heroes of their paintings. When she went to the cities where she was painting, she felt like she was in his paintings. They started selling these paintings through a company to Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Cyprus. She painted over 5,000 paintings in three years. She was awarded a certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism indicating that his paintings were worth a work of art. In 2018, she moved to New Jersey, USA with her husband and daughter. Now she is in the ’Cıty’ that she loved to paint.


Morning Glory

Every morning is a hope
24”X36” acrylic on canvas

Morning glory “Morning glory ”

Every morning is a hope