Christiane Palpant

Christiane Palpant was a senior vice president and service director for a financial services technology giant. She is the daughter of Gail Palpant, an award-winning portrait artist. Christiane grew up believing that it was “normal” to have artist palettes of oil paints in the freezer next to popsicles. Constantly surrounded by art, her family took vacations to art museums and frequently played a board game titled “Masterpiece” that mimics a Sotheby’s art auction.

Over the past two decades, Christiane generally used art as a catharsis from her “left-brained” job. Everything changed when a recent health crisis left her bed ridden for nearly a year. Christiane was an active athlete and training for a cross-country ski marathon, when she developed Pericarditis, a rare disease of the sac around the heart. She nearly lost her life and ultimately had open heart surgery. It is Christiane’s belief that we must remain positive no matter what life hands us, and as a result, she picked up the paint brush and found renewed focus and intention with her art. Many of Christiane’s abstract landscape pieces feature skies and light, depicting the passage of time and the hope of tomorrow.


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