Location: Japan

Remo Camerota of Whitewall Studios has a genuine commitment to evolving the creative process. He works across disciplines and is committed to exploring new ways of expressing his creative, political, social and artistic views in a compelling visual style commenting on societal doctrines such as politics, religion, fashion, commercialization, trends, identity, flash in the pan fads and narrow minded thoughtlessness.
Remo brings a diverse range of skills including concept realization photography, Graffiti, multimedia, illustration, video, design and Music for both new moving media and print mediums. He wishes to engage in interesting concept based communications, indicative of contemporary cultural visual trends occurring locally and globally. Remo’s vision is to challenge the commercial perceptions of the world and inspire new topics of thought through the shaping and building of unique ideas.
Remo is an established fine artist for over 20 years working as a fully qualified photographer, designer, contemporary artist, film director and musician, with relevant industry experience in all of these categories.



Contemporary paintings using urban techniques, spray can, stencil, acrylic paint, oil on Canvas. I take an in depth look at the Pop culture surrounding us to date and create my own version of it. completed 2011 - 2012

You may feel a little prick : Alice “You may feel a little prick : Alice”

Spray Paint, Acrylic, Oil, Stencil on Canvas.

Mac on the Moon “Mac on the Moon”

Spray Paint, Acrylic, Oil, Stencil on Canvas.
Astronaut of the future may stumble upon a McDonalds situated on the moon.......mmmm

Eye of perception “Eye of perception”

The all seeing Eyes,Spray Paint, Acrylic, on canvas

Bad Girl “Bad Girl”

Spray Paint, Acrylic on Canvas

Does My Bum Look Big In This “Does My Bum Look Big In This”

Spray Paint, Stencil, Acrylic - Batman worries about his outfit

Voodoo Child “Voodoo Child”

Spray Paint, Stencil, Oil, Acrylic on canvas

Alice and friend “Alice and friend”

Mural created for Bristol : Spray paint, stencil, acrylic on door or Metal.

Alice Disheveled “Alice Disheveled”

Spray Paint, Stencil on Wall

Bondi Mural “Bondi Mural”

Spray Paint, Acrylic, Oil, Stencil on Wall, Mural.