Georgia Edwards

Georgia Edwards

Location: Canada

I am a self taught artist from Vancouver Island, Canada. I enjoy experimenting with different media but prefer colored pencil. Combining bold colors, textures and wildlife observed from my daily adventures are what I'm trying to capture in my work.


Soul Sound Creative

Secrets of the Forest “Secrets of the Forest”

Colored Pencil on Hotpress Watercolor Paper,

20" x 24"

Reference photo courtesy of Mike Blevins

Foxy Nettles “Foxy Nettles”

Colored Pencil on Hotpress Watercolor Paper

20" x 28"

Reference photo courtesy of Karen Gilks

Woodland Cosmos “Woodland Cosmos”

Colored Pencil on Lux Archival Sanded Paper

16" x 20"

Reference photo courtesy of Sarah Geiger

A Wolf's Magic “A Wolf's Magic”

Colored Pencil and Pastel on Pastelmat Paper

18" x 22"

Reference photo courtesy of Michael Ryan