Douglas Louis

Douglas Louis

Location: Malaysia

Digital & Hand painting artist. Art & Design has always be my passion since I was a child. Start painting since I was 7 or 8. Colours is essential in my life. It gives me life, mood and inspiration. Brushes is my hand, my mind is my motives.

I am an Architect & Interior Designer by profession. Art and Fine Art & Crafts is my passion and to beautify the empty space in the house.

Abstract is about simplicity and also relationship with our surroundings.


Digital Art

Digital Art about earth and nature

Mind “Mind”

Mind and thinking

Digital Art

Digital Art about earth and nature

Hand Of Hope “Hand Of Hope”

Hope in Heaven

Call of Winter “Call of Winter”

For animals in heaven

Seasons “Seasons”

Changes in mood

Light of healing “Light of healing”

Spectrum of light

Angels “Angels”

Angels of love