Leah Smith

Finalist in Artavita 51st International Online Art Contest April 2022

Leah Smith is a self taught artist with a love for wildlife, photography and beautiful, high quality art work. Born and raised in the beautiful state of Arkansas, Leah grew up around wildlife. She comes from a family of avid hunters and fisherman along with a list of talented artists. Her love for painting derived from watching her grandmother paint with oils while watching Bob Ross paint on televison when she was a child. Leah prefers using acrylics when starting her paintings and finishing with a top layer of oils while painting on canvas, wood, hardboard, or panel.
Leah makes painting waterfowl her priority while entering many state Duck Stamp competitions. She is a member of the National Duck Stamp Collecors Society and strongly believes in preservation of our nations wetlands.

She has taken many of her own wildlife photos which she basis most of her work. Her paintings can be found in many private collections through out the United States.


Her photo Dancing Diamonds which featured the magnifient trumpeter swan, was chosen by Arkansas Living Magazine for thier 2019 calander cover. The photo was also chosen by Outdoor Photographer Magazine as one of the top daily photos in 2019.

If you are interested in commissioning Leah to paint for you or you are interested in one of her art pieces, please contact her through her email address leahedwards18@icloud.com or one of her social media pages.



Red Fox “Red Fox”

Red Fox on canvas in acrylics by Arkansas artists Leah J Smith

Horse White on Black “Horse White on Black”

White horse on canvas in acryics

Pumba “Pumba”

Leopard on 30 x 40 Canvas in acrylics by Arkansas artist Leah J Smith

Mouth Full of Green “Mouth Full of Green”

Black lab dog with Mallard duck on canvas 24 x 28 by Arkansas artist Leah J Smith

Angelica “Angelica”

Angel on canvas 30x40 in mixed media

Mufasa “Mufasa”

Lion in acrylics 36 x 48 on canvas by Arkansas artist Leah J Smith