William T. Rohe

William T. Rohe

Location: Greece

William T. Rohe is an artist/architect who works in multiple media, sculptural montages, as well as painting, drawing and mixed media. His images are a play of light, shade and form
Rohe is an american who lives on the island of Aegina, Greece.


Ouzo Friends

Abstract realism in oil of original pencil drawing, Skopolos, Greece

Beethoven's Two 5s “Beethoven's Two 5s”

Wire, Steel Rods Wood Dowels on Board 64x74x6cm,
5th Symphony/5th Piano Concerto

?????????/Rubbish “?????????/Rubbish”

Pallet Scrapings and Art Flotsam
on Canvas *80x80cm

Grecian Urns “Grecian Urns”

Oil on Canvas !29x80cm
Overlapping colors of vases

4 friends in Skopolos “4 friends in Skopolos”

oil on canvas 80x120cm

4Friends on Skopolos “4Friends on Skopolos”

Pencil on Paper 50x60cm

City Lights “City Lights”

Acrylic on aluminum foil paper 50x70cm. The foil presents a reflective light to the buildings and the water

Urban Grid “Urban Grid”

Acrylic and aluminum foil on canvas, 60x60cm


Ink on paper 70x50cm